Monday, 21 September 2009

So,the melissa shoes i wanted...

Found them on a site called ioffer, they are a bit sly with their pricing as they said they were only £3 something (i knew was too good to be true) and the seller said they would sent them to me for $52 including shipping, which is about £33, still a bargain. It's a slight obsession. I must stop after this pair.
Anyway, the point of this post is because i was having a browse and (i don't know how) but i came across someone selling TESTOSTERONE...a scary thought (I just looked back and i was actually looking up BOOKS!)
It really does amaze me what you can buy off the internet now. The black market has upgraded ladies and gentlemen.

Fix up. Look sharp.

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Sunday, 20 September 2009

Organ Donation

I finally got round to sorting out my organ donation card. Went online and set it all up there, makes it so much easier now they have the forms on the internet instead of paper and leaflets, I had a leaflet kicking about for months filled in and then it must have got lost in the mess of my room. Finally it has been done and it's one less thing to worry about.
I'll sleep a little easier now.

Donate,you wont need them when you're dead. Morbid but true.

Fix up. Look sharp.

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Architecture and Shoes?! Part 1

It's a very stereotypical thing to say that women love their shoes, but sadly it's too true in my case...
I've been pining after a pair of United Nude Mono Janes shoes for a long time now, and at the price of £105 a pop it was looking VERY doubtful. I had seen them at £30 on a sales website but stupidly told myself to wait...bad decision as i had to then scour the internet looking for the same bargain. Things looked bleak until i came across them on amazon, at onlt £29 including postage! Hurrah. And so the day came (yesterday) when they arrived before expected and i was able to wear them to a wedding. They were on my feet for a good 12 hours and surprisingly only pinched slightly.
Now to get to the point of this post...All the shoes are a reinterpretation of an architectural object, or, they represent an exploration of different colours and materials. Their first shoe created was called Möbiuswhich was inspired by the Barcelona Chair created by Bauhaus, Director Mies Van Rohe, for the international Exposition that took place in 1929.

What made this shoe so unique and special was that it featured a single strip that formed the upper shoe, sole,heel and foot bed.

Another famous example would be the Aluminium Office Chair designed by Ray and Charles Eames, thus inspiring the "Eamz" collection, which features a range of shoe styles; boots,pumps, Mary Janes and lace ups.

Their heels are inspired by the chairs foot, that is a feature that seems to hang the shoe in mid-air, giving the impression that the shoe and it wearer are floating.

Now for the Mono Janes...Probably not as amazingly inspired at the previous two but they are obviously taken for the old Mary Jane style shoes.

But with a twist of a wedge and being fully moulded in lightweight EVA with a patent leather strap. Making them very comfortable and light, almost like walking on air.

The temptation to wear them all the time is huge...

I'm looking at the stealth series now, which is inspired by the straight lines that belong to the Stealth F-117 fighter plane.
But completely different for the plane, these shoes do get noticed.
Ah "beautiful" but sadly at £190 for a pair, I've got either a lot of internet trawling or a lot of saving to do. And most people who know me would know that the latter was a myth to me.

Fix up. Look sharp.

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