Thursday, 16 July 2009


Upon looking for bikinis and swimsuits for holiday time, i branched off to leggings and sequin at that. I already have a pair i got given from a friend a few years back but they are short, they come a little bit longer than the knee. I would LOVE a long pair.

Aren't they just divine?2 years ago Art degree show outfit consisted of those leggings i got given, long black top,red belt and red wedges. A great outfit if i do say so myself.

So upon looking for leggings i found these bad boys...
They look pretty normal huh? Check out the face, it's Barack Obama's! Team that with a barack is my homeboy tshirt and you would rock it. I found them on Viktor Viktoria clothes site.
Jaw drops to the floor....

Amazing, don't they just look so beautiful! I dream of a straight man who isn't a model and can pull this look off.

And i was laughed at for wearing leggings...
Although it must be said i do love my tights, a full drawer(thats a big drawer) to them. I miss my Pretty Polly black tights that had a seam up the back of them in small glitter silver squares. I can't seem to find them anywhere *insert sad face* a rare find in morrisons.The hunt shall go on.

I never did get round to those bikinis...

Fix up. Look sharp.

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Pop culture calls for Ring Pops.

We all remember them. A mass craze for girls (and some of the boys). With the stickiness of the candy but coolness of the gem.And they still taste like we remember them!

For a small fee of 30p Or $1 they really are the cheapest kind of jewelry. And you get an added bonus of being able to eat them,leaving the sweet taste of successful buying.

They look great as an added accessory to an outfit. And are definitely a conversation starter, if not even a pick up helper.

With different flavors you can match with any of your outfits: Blue raspberry, Cola, Strawberry, Cherry, Watermelon, Orange and so much more.

They really do put the "Pop" back in to Pop Culture.

Fix up. Look sharp.