Sunday, 30 January 2011

Recreating Children’s Drawings by Yeondoo Jung.

Listening to - washed out

Really, really love these beautiful images recreated by Yeondoo Jung, created by today's children and their wild imaginations. Everything is possible. 

Saturday, 29 January 2011

Post Consumerism.

Just a quick update and spam of photos from our meet on thursday, taking about post consumerism.

The term "snap happy" comes to mind. 

Monday, 24 January 2011

So i'm the activist.

I've done a similar test for finding out my learning style with my work, and turns out, luckily, i'm the same. An Activist learner. I think, the "cooler" of the lot.


Activists like to be involved in new experiences and are enthusiastic about new ideas. They enjoy doing things and tend to act first and consider the implications afterwards. They are unlikely to prepare for the learning experience or review their learning afterwards.
Activists learn best when:
  • involved in new experiences
  • problems and opportunities
  • working with others in team tasks or role-playing
  • being thrown in the deep end with a difficult task
  • chairing meetings, leading discussions
Activists learn less when:
  • listening to lectures or long explanations
  • reading, writing or thinking on their own
  • absorbing and understanding data
  • following precise instruction to the letter

    Well its true, i thrive on new experiences and get board easily in old. I do enjoy working with others, as it's nice to see what other people are thinking about the same problem or subject. It's always useful to know if i'm going in the right direction! As for the role-playing...i find that a bit too cheesy. So it's not really for me.
    I feel i do thrive under-pressure and work hard being thrown in "the deep end" with a difficult task at hand. 

    Well, it does say "Activist learn less when listening to lectures or long explanations." I must have a short attention span when it comes to those things. As much as i enjoy an interesting lecture, i do get quite restless, and feel i learn more in a smaller environment, one to one and in small group meetings. 
    Like i said with working in teams, i do like to know if im heading in the right direction and it's nice to have someone there to check with, so im not much of a fan of writing and thinking on my own. Now by thinking, i mean as in dissertation and design studies work, not as in going off in to my own world. I can think for myself! 
    As for the following precise instructions, lets just say i always mess up when it comes to a new recipe...