Sunday, 28 February 2010


I've always wanted you...

It's a shame you cost £600. Why am I doomed with expensive taste? One day my sweet.

Saturday, 27 February 2010

Needs more money.

David Wyatt knows how to make me salivate over shoes. I really love the unique style and twists these have.

I just need over a thousand pounds for them all...

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Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Get my head on fire.

I can't stand textile computer work. I don't know how to use photoshop or adobe illustrator. And i don't want to. My friend in 4th year illustration has never used adobe illustrator....

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Monday, 22 February 2010

No Really, Everything's Fine.

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I hate this clip but it was the only one on youtube.
I forgot how much I loved Aereogramme. I feel incredibly lucky to have seen them live a few times.
I just love Craigs voice so much. Fucking amazing band.

Along with Chikinki

They don't have "lick your ticket" on youtube. *sad face*

Then watch a Tool video...

They have some of the best music videos out there. Very disturbing. Think "Heart Shaped Box" by Nirvana only on a really bad acid trip.
Enjoy your nightmares tonight.

I'm Rick James.

Absolute tune.
It was a really clever idea to go out with 4 strapping young lads last night and dance in fat bams... I'm so glad i didn't have to pay.
I think i've done pretty well this weekend, considering i've only had £20 on me the whole weekend. And i was at a popcorn party and the union on saturday.
Gamble Gamble. It's a win win situation right now.
I need to grow up.


Thursday, 18 February 2010

Work related devilry

So, I went against all odds and dived in to printing, despite the debacle I had last semester. 
Seems I'm slowly but surely learning my lessons. Well I'd forgotten. 
Now i can coat and expose a screen (eventually) and mix up dyes. Whoop whoop kapow. I'm not really worried about asking someone what to do, I'm not worried about looking stupid, i want to get it right. 

Anyway, my project is on stripes from the sea and i got some really nice line out of the landscape from Broughty Ferry, and put that in to my print.

The bottom one is a pattern i found on an old coconut which i really like. Hmmm seems to be going ok...

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

The 4th Picture.

I really liked what Jez wrote and decided to go with his so picked a picture of an old man to see what people had to say with that being an influence.

Unfortunately no one came out with anything like Jez's story! There was a mention of horses(?!) and French men with baguettes but nothing about an old man. Maybe i should have chosen an older looking man.
Seems I possibly wont be very good at advertising!   
I found this experiment really interesting as i got to look at how other people saw and interpreted the images. 
And how a few of my friends seem to have a flare for writing! 

Pictures and Stories.

Using the Image randomiser I came across these images...

And from those three images i got the following from a few friends...

James, 21, English Student.

"One hour?" thought Bill, as he parked outside the old church. He knew that it was more than enough for what he needed to do. Leaving his car he headed inside, running towards the old spiral staircase, heading for the roof. He stared out towards the river; he imagined he could see her on the boat. "I'm sorry!" he screamed, hoping she could hear him. He only heard his echo respond.

Jez, 23, Landscape Gardner

"We used to be able to park here all day" thought Trevor as he exited the side road where his car was now left dormant. He looked outward of the lane, his old eyes blurred and broken but still good enough to see the walk way across the road, with its iron railings leading forever down. His crumpled, tattered overcoat shivered in the breeze as he approached the leaf-littered entrance and his wrinkled hands followed those rails down. He decended for what seemed an age, before coming to a door. His feet felt crushed, his spirit broken. As he opened the door, a long forgotten scene flitted into his mind. With a sigh, he felt himself drift away as if down that very river, out to sea.

Allan, 25, Mental Health Student.

Every time I see a staircase I really just want to slide down the banister, but only really do so on the ones where the likelihood of me being killed is small, which is kind of daft really because if I died falling down several floors from a spiral staircase it'd be far more dignified than toppling backwards, falling three feet and dying from a brain haemorrhage caused by the relatively mild blow of landing on the back of my head.

Allan actually did this “wrong”, by only choosing one image, the spiral stair case. But I found his story really interesting anyway because of his explanation after saying that although it was a story it was a factual statement.

Scott, 21, Accounting Hons Student.

Ever since that stupid fine for parking out with the 1 hour restriction my life has spiralled out of control. I've lost my job, my girlfriend, my family, what’s next? I stand here on top of a bridge. The river flowing uncontrollably. My life.

Scott gave an interesting explanation..
Feeling under pressure with dissertation work. Not enough to make me feel suicidal though... yet. Ha!”

Lauren, 21, Business Student.

Running down the staircase ,“ SHIT!Shit,shit.” I screamed, “The parking!” I realised I’d been longer than an hour, and I’d already had a parking ticket this year. And I’d never realised how dangerous the beautiful spiral staircase was when running down them.
I got outside to see the white packet on my windscreen. “This is the LAST thing I need.”  I had to take a walk, I was close to kicking something.
Raging, I walked along the bridge and stood looking out along the river. The scene calmed me down, a bit.
It would do for now.  Until I had something to kick.

Chris, 29, Civil Servant. 

The young writer hurtled down the stairs, manuscripts fluttering and every step like a gunshot, rapid-fire. Fleeing, fleeing his feelings and the signs that told him that every footfall was an act of denial.  Under, under the river, it flowed over his head, asphyxiating and drowing, held back by creaking walls of steel and mud that would flow back and back in time, unifying the entropy.  He tripped over the words in his mind as they spilled from his pen, mind and the stairs separated by distance, safe in his office.  Leans back in his chair, now that he’s almost done.  Time for tea. 

(coincidentally Chris is currently writing a book!)
Thanks guys! 

The Rhetoric of the Image by Roland Barthes.

Through reading the The Rhetoric of the Image by Roland Barthes I have found out a few things.
  • ·      The study of signs and symbols is the semiotic theory.
  • ·      Sadly photography has changed the way we see things
  • ·      Epistemology is the study of nature, origin, methods and the limits of the human knowledge. 
  • ·      The form can’t be recreated and therefore everything else is a copy and by taking a photo we are changing it.
  • ·      When we look at something, then take a photo of it we will never see it in the photo as we see it in real life, as the naked eye.
  • ·      When we look at images our personality, upbringing, opinions etc affect what we see in those images.
  • ·      We cannot look at an image without giving it a meaning automatically.
  • ·      The meaning to an image depends on who the person is and what mood they are in, or what’s happening in their life currently.
  • ·      An image had many different connotations.
  • ·      We have both image and text, never by themselves.
  • ·      Adverts are a deceiving product as the producers of them use both the image and text to manipulate our thoughts, and they make us see what they want us to see.

Being a textiles student this information is very useful as it has made me realise that what I see is not necessarily what others see (so my work could actually be good, in someone else’s eyes!) . Therefore the client is never going to see my end product the way I do. However this could prove to be difficult. And so I will have to compromise with the client. As I may interpret the clients needs differently.

Ooouf. That’s a bit of a brain screw! 

Sunday, 14 February 2010

I lost my phone, again.

Don't talk to me.

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

quick note for me


I don't have a pen on me so here will do until i do. I know what i'm on about.

Sunday, 7 February 2010

Costume Designing

I've recently been thinking a lot about costume designing and how amazing it would be. Absolutely NO boundaries...
I've been inspired by the likes of Barbarella and Flash Gordon, which are two of my favourite movies. Cheesetastic and heavy on the bling.

I just love all of those outfits. Definitely something to think about for the future i think. Might just go and watch Blade Runner now...

Aye, so with a lot of effort I've moved my music stuff to here.
I'm in two minds about it. But it's done. Flash-Trash just isn't as Flash anymore.
Riiigghht. So i have to change some stuff.
I'm going to have a blog for just my music stuff and another for uni and work.
My "work" only can be found here.
I might just have my music stuff on tumblr but i'm not sure yet.
I should be taking things more seriously. But it's not in my nature.

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

The photo swap with conner pops.

So, we had an assignment to do with our course where we had to look at photos of a person we didn't really know and who was in another discipline. I chose Connor from Graphics.

Through looking through his photographs i came to the conclusion that his mum and dad must have had him when they were fairly young, or at least his mother was, as there is a photo of him when he was just a wee baby and a fairly young woman looking over at him to check if he's ok. I think so anyway! As he's obviously had an accident and his leg is broken as it's in a cast. There are also photographs that look very professional in the back ground, could they be photos of him and his sister when they were babies?  
I think Connor may have an older and younger sister as there is a family photo with perhaps his cousins in it too? His older sister may have a child herself? I also think he's the only boy in his family as there are a few photographs with just him in them, it's that whole "boy wonder" thing, ha!
An obvious trait i could tell from Connors photos is that he clearly enjoys the female attention, along with the good things in life; Sun,drink and ice cream. And so coming to the conclusion that Connor is a bit of a party animal!
There is a photograph of him sitting at a table and the surroundings look to be that they are away on a family(?) holiday, and he's sitting with is phone in hand as if he's mid text. So clearly likes to keep up to date with his friends and values them a lot, as i can also see in other pictures he has where he is surrounded by friends.

I think Connor is a great friend to have and knows how to have a good time. He values the friendships he has and is keen to gain more. I think he has strong family values as well and appears to be close to them all.

Though obviously you can't tell everything from photographs!

Haha, that was fun! 

Fashion Trends........

So this semester we've to look at fashion forecasting... I'm a bit iffy about it as i'm not really wanting to do fashion so to speak but I guess it will come in handy with future projects. (?) 
BUUUT. I decided to do it on "stripes of the sea" but not so much the stripes and shizzle. Wanting to look more at what's on the beach and stuff.
I've been doing a bit of drawing and have had some encouraging compliments about them.
Went to Broughty Ferry beach today and took Naala and Lauren for a run (haha) and had an ice cream too! Though there wasn't much in colour wise as it's still quite cold so I'm guessing they don't have all the flavours out in the winter! So I'll need to have a look in St Andrews and Ice cream shops. 
Got some good snaps too...