Wednesday, 14 October 2009

*cough cough* *hack hack*

So i've come down with this shit cold that's going about...Feel like death, not warmed up.
I've decided i think i was born in the wrong part of the world...GIVE ME HEAT.

So upon feeling sorry for myself I've just done my first bit of "bidding" on eBay, I'm usually just "Buy It Now" style as i can't be bothered with the wait and suspense of seeing if I've won it or not ( I used to have a "boyfriend" (HATE that word) who would do that for me.). And end up hating the person that won over me.

SO... As i love revival i went with "Vintage" gear...
Oh lush, it's beautious. Although i don't like when clothes are on mannequins...Looks sort of tacky,but bad tacky.

An old tennis dress :) and i like the way it has long sleeves, can be worn with some wooly tights in this here winter.

Much rather get the top one but well see.

And i can blog about this...I'm a textiles student...Hoho.

Fix up. Look sharp.

Listening to - Junior Boys - Dull to Pause

P.S. does anyone actually know what eBay means?!

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