Sunday, 25 October 2009


Just finished watching "The Cell" by Tarsem Singh, the same director as the fall.
Clare mentioned it and said that it was good. I have to admit i had seen it and thought it looked shit because Hennifer Lopez (Jennifer Lopez ) is in it. Thought it would be naff with awful acting. Again i take back my first thoughts. A visually stunning film, as expected from Singh.
Good plot line too...
"Catharine Deane is a psychotherapist who is part of a revolutionary new treatment which allows her mind to literally enter the mind of her patients. Her experience in this method takes an unexpected turn when an FBI agent comes to ask for a desperate favour. They had just tracked down a notorious serial killer, Carl Stargher, whose MO is to abduct women one at a time and place them in a secret area where they are kept for about 40 hours until they are slowly drowned. Unfortunately, the killer has fallen into an irreversible coma which means he cannot confess where he has taken his latest victim before she dies. Now, Catherine Deane must race against time to explore the twisted mind of the killer to get the information she needs, but Stargher's damaged personality poses dangers that threaten to overwhelm her.
Written by Kenneth Chisholm "

And, actually Jenny from the block was actually quite good. I'll forgive her for her crap music. There were a few art inspired scenes in this film , one where a horse is cut and divided up very similar to Damien Hirst's instillation "Some Comfort Gained from the Acceptance of the Inherent Lies in Everything"

And also a hauntingly creepy scene that is similar to Norwegian painter Odd Nerdrum - Dawn

Very creepy picture where you expect the women to turn and stare at you...eee. So imagine (or watch!) it in "real life".

And another scene has taken it's inspiration from Swiss Surrealist H.R. Giger called Schacht.

So a visually stunning and art inspired film. Can't go wrong. Not even With Lopez.
Another brilliant film from Singh, I can't wait until War of Gods is released!

And the cell2? Well you can tell it was done by someone else...
Fix up. Look sharp.

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