Thursday, 15 October 2009


I watched The Fall last night, a beautiful film and is definitely one to go in my film collection. It was visually stunning (with the help of Lee Pace) and really just so so so beautiful. Amazing locations and the story line wasn't a let down either. Only made me wish i was young and naive again.
Think I'll make a few people watch it next week at some point.
ANYWAY,before i write a whole review about it, it gave me a few ideas to do with my project at uni that I'm doing, which is always good. So we'll see where that leads too...
Until then, watch this, then watch it. Don't put it off, i meant to go and see it at the cinema and never and then kept meaning to buy it. Just get it and watch it, it's only about £5.

Fix up. Look sharp.

Listening to - the knife - neverland

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Jonathan said...

Saw the trailer at the cinema and was impressed - must watch it.
That trailer uses one of my favourite pieces of music, the one that got me in to classical music.