Monday, 23 November 2009

Maurizio Anzeri

I meant to bring up Maurizio Anzeri a while ago but i totally forgot to post about him until now.
A recent visit to my friends house brought back the memories of how much i love him because her flat 
mate is doing something similar with her work just now using embroidery.
He has a lot of other work but my favourite is his embroidered vintage photos and how he manipulates 
the photographs with stitch,making a seemingly sweet and innocent picture something that can appear
quite creepy! 

I actually just LOVE his work. Especially the bottom one, she looks like she has a balaclava on and appears quite threatening but by just seeing the face behind the embroidery you know that she's quite innocent.
I like the initial shock factor of the pieces.

I've got Moon on the agenda to watch tonight...


But I think I'm going to watch a quick screenwipe with another of my favourite men, Brooker.

Because he is king.

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