Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Fashion Trends........

So this semester we've to look at fashion forecasting... I'm a bit iffy about it as i'm not really wanting to do fashion so to speak but I guess it will come in handy with future projects. (?) 
BUUUT. I decided to do it on "stripes of the sea" but not so much the stripes and shizzle. Wanting to look more at what's on the beach and stuff.
I've been doing a bit of drawing and have had some encouraging compliments about them.
Went to Broughty Ferry beach today and took Naala and Lauren for a run (haha) and had an ice cream too! Though there wasn't much in colour wise as it's still quite cold so I'm guessing they don't have all the flavours out in the winter! So I'll need to have a look in St Andrews and Ice cream shops. 
Got some good snaps too...