Thursday, 22 April 2010

Oh Diana.

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I got my ones done in jessops... Sad There was a wee photo shop next to it but it's not there anymore and to be honest, i didn't think it would be £14 for two spools...fucking FOURTEEN quid?!  Angry It was £12 to get it done in normal time so just got it in an hour.
I went and picked them up and then had a look through them quickly while walking out the door. Then realised that there was only 1 spool that had been developed so went back in and told the guy.
"Oh but there has been some developed off the 2nd spool." Yeah about 4...
So he gave me a refund and i got £4 back. So essentially £10 for a spool.
Pretty pissed off as i didn't realise it would be that much. And the photos aren't that spectacular either seeing as it was the first time i'd used my Diana. 

Anyway, the pictures in question? Here is a selection of a few from a bland bunch...

It's my first try. I've already got another spool in, with some taken already. Just need to find somewhere cheaper to get them developed until i can afford a negative scanner! 

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