Saturday, 17 April 2010

Old Lady Baker.

My dream would be to grow old baking...Amazingly, seeing as i'm studying textiles.
They go hand in hand i guess. I hate twee things but i want a twee future baking and making nice pinnies. 
The idea of a 50's housewife, but i'd probably be addicted to those little "dollies". Think Vally of The Dolls only with the cooking. And living to a ripe old age.

I love the book terribly, time to watch the film i guess.

Anyway, I just baked a "Chocolate Cloud Cake", channelling Nigela. 
I caught a clip of miss Dahl, it was horribly sweet. Made my teeth ache actually. Go back to loving your husband that's too short for you. 
Anyway, the cake is baking currently and smells amazing. With added grand marnier, to make it adult, as i'm going to a garden party tomorrow. Here's hoping it wont rain! 

Ah to have a glamourous life.

I need a half pinnie. 

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