Friday, 16 October 2009

Coughing and science

Ever woken up and you've felt like your head's been in a vice grip all night? (Without substances)
I'm beginning to wonder if I'm very badly grinding my teeth at night these past few.
The headache is still here but the nausea i woke up with has disappeared, along with the vanished appetite. It's going well.
You would think they would have found a cure for the common cold by now, our only chance is "Vicks First Defence" What if you get it too late?
"Feed a cold. Starve a Fever." I've definitely not got a fever but no appetite to feed my cold...Boo Boo BOO.
Happy note, I won my first item on ebay, i got the red dress.
Which is good as that's the one i wanted more. Ended up having to fight for it but the chase was exciting, now i understand gamblers... Slightly. Got it for a small fee of £19.50 including p&p from america, think i did rather well as it would probably cost a tenner more in a "vintage shop" in town.
Just finished watching Gattaca. It was on a list of movies to watch from last year for the design pathway group and thought I'd give it a go. Pretty good, I enjoy a good film that makes you think about what could and possibly will happen in the future to do with science (just get the common cold sorted first!)
A constant strive for perfection. Pretty scary thought. Is there not some recently new film about genetically modified "perfect" people out just now? Or just been released? Can't remember. It is probably some Hollywood cack that i wont go and see. Or will if it's on sky movies and I've got nothing else to do...
Anyway, watch it if you're into that sort of stuff, watch it if you're not. You can oggle at Ethan Hawke, watch Uma's eyes move further and further apart as the film goes on, and laugh at Jude Laws funny posh accent.

Fix up. Look sharp.

Listening to - Afghan Raiders - Admirals Doorbell

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