Sunday, 18 October 2009

photoshop piece1

I've been ill for all of this week ( like we all ready didn't know) and we had a brief to do in our cad class, to do with using photoshop and the work we've done in class. Now I'm not one for using photoshop as, to me, working with a computer within textiles sort of takes out all the fun. Believe me, I've seen some amazing pieces that have come from a computer but it's just not for me. So, I've been working a little on this piece and I'm not sure i want to do much else with it as I'm one of those people who puts too much decoration on the cake.
I've looked at it and i like it. I might go back to it but i'm not sure yet...

I might do some more with the bottom of the piece as it looks a bit too straight... hmm.
Fix up. Look sharp.

Listening to - school of seven bells - connjure

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