Monday, 5 October 2009

The news and the "majorities" opinions.

I picked up a copy of the Metro today to read while i was on the bus home and the first thing i noticed today was this...

And next to it it stated this was "The Winchester Alien...It walks like a penguin and dresses like a ballerina."

THANKFULLY my brain didn't die yet, as i saw something A LOT more important underneath it( don't worry I'll get back to alien ballerina later)

Apparently "Half of us back the death penalty." Really? Or is that just a toll taken by the readers of "The Sun" ? I sat there in disbelief as i read this article that stated that:

"Many even believe the death penalty should be extended beyond murderers to rapists and drug traffickers."

For Christ's sake people. I find it an "effing" joke that people are even discussing this. It shouldn't be an option to bring back. A simple "No" will do. We would just be playing murderers at their own game. And as for the rapists and drug traffickers...

Who is to say that the convicted rapist actually did the said crime? Sadly there is an increasing number in women/girls shouting rape nowadays because they have either been so drunk and have thrown themselves at some poor horny boy and then have woken up in the morning and realised " Shit, did we use a condom?Am i pregnant? Who is this guy?" (possibly in this order) and then decide to shout rape as they can't remember what happened. The set in stone saying "Someone must be blamed, as long as it's not me." screams in their head.
We could be killing an innocent person, it's not like we've got the science to bring back people from the dead (yet) and say " Oh sorry we killed you for a bit there, we didn't have enough evidence for you and thought we would do right by the "victim". "

And the drug traffickers...well it's not like I've offended some of you already...So my opinion is... LEGALISE DRUGS. Then there could be "safe" amounts and it controlled. So to say. It's a tricky subject. The government just don't want us to have fun. But i hardly think the death penalty is an option for the traffickers, after all, they are only doing their job!?

Apparently the calls for the death penalty have risen since the "Baby P" and the nursery child abuse cases. The metro then states that:

"The strongest supports comes from the older generations,49 percent of 25 to 34 years old and 37 percent of those aged 16 to 24 support executions.
Of those in favour, 94 percent want it for murder,68 percent for war crimes and 62 percent for child abuse.
But 29 percent believe it should be extended to major drug dealers and 45 percent say it should be used for rapists and those involved in gun crime."

I really don't see, how bringing back the death penalty will solve these problems. If someone wants to molest a child, they will. If someone wants to shoot someone, they'll pick up a gun and shoot. If someone wants to force another in to sex, they'll pull their pants down and get on with it. There is always the "what if no one finds out?" thrill that runs through them just before. I would guess logical thinking isn't an option at that point in time.

I don't think killing off these people will benefit Britain, we are just playing them at their own game. They should be made to sit out their prison sentence fully and be made to think about what they have done for the rest of their lives, not the 5 seconds before the syringe in pushed, or are we going to flick the switch and put them on the electric chair? Come on, we may as well go the whole hog...
I'll move on from this subject because it could be come too "controversial" if it hasn't already.

Now for this "alien"...I have my thoughts on aliens, it would be very ignorant of us to think that we are the only "intelligent" life in the whole universe, but i also think that the "aliens" or whatever is out there are a lot more intelligent than what's here on earth.
Adrian Hicks stated that he saw this alien in Winchester High Street one busy Saturday afternoon.
"She had very large oval eyes and was twirling her hands in a circular motion. She was laughing and seemed to be enjoying herself."

A couple of thoughts;
Maybe she was a normal human being, off her face on drugs, hence the "very large oval eyes", I've seen some states of people that look a bit "off this planet" and David Mitchell looks like a fish on e's all the time anyway... So nothing alien there.
The waving of her hands..She was probably just over heated.
And finally...the laughing part? If it was an alien, earth (or should i say Britain) is probably like Disney land to them, only a thick version. If that's possible.

Maybe Mr Hicks had taken a tab of LSD by accident...
Also, this happened FIVE YEARS AGO. He had a fear he would jeopardise his chances of winning a council seat. Hopefully they've now taken that off him.

Oh, and he is a Lib Dem.

I will say nothing more.

Fix up. Look sharp.

Listening to - Bobmo - Freak Me <<< how fitting.

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