Friday, 2 October 2009

Alvaro Barcala

I've come across Alvaro Barcala's work a few times but i just thought I'd pass it on if you've never heard of him. His stuff has provoked a few "urgh weird" statements from a few friends of mine when I've shown them his work but i really love it.
I like Art that makes your prudish side slightly recoil inside.
I, personally, don't find his stuff shocking, as it's only human genitals after all. Almost childlike illustrations, and even then they are only in some of his drawings.
I am doing well aren't i?!
ANYWAY an great fine artist with amazing detailing. I also really like where he pulls his inspiration from, like his "invisible friend" drawings..."...exposes the innate predisposition children have for being communicated with the invisible and with the magico-religious beliefs. The same predisposition the societies had in Ancient Times."

I love the glowing effect he has produced in these drawings.
Alvaro Barcala has also done some book illustrations which are so so beautifully delicate.

Fix up. Look sharp.

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alvaro barcala said...

Thanks for posting this, made me smile:) you have a facebook? Im "Alvaro Misterio".