Sunday, 18 October 2009

Uh oh.

Is it really Sunday night already?
I tried to upload some pictures of work but it wasn't working :(
Point of this post... My start up page is Apple and it has a bit for new films that are out in america or are coming out soon so i saw one with Willem Dafoe and Charlotte Gainsbourg and i thought "great, two great actors. How will this pan out?" The film is called "Anti-christ" uh oh.." A grieving couple (Willem Dafoe and Charlotte Gainsbourg ) are the subject of evil forces during a cabin getaway shortly after their son has died in this horror film from auteur Lars von Trier."

I'm going to watch this because i know it's going to be AWFUL but i want to be proven wrong because it's Dafoe and Gainsbourg together...
I'll tell you how it goes.


So i did, and it was fucking weird. The swear word is needed just to purely emphasise how weird it is. Beautifully shot and some amazing scenes but just so strange! i found myself thinking "what the..." and "why?!"
The acting was superb, as expected. Some graphic sex scenes involved, which was made even more grittier by the fact that Dafoe and Gainsbourg are really just skin and bones anyway, so well chosen to play the roles.
It's essentially an updated version of King's Misery, only much much darker.
It is worth the watch, as I've said, it's beautifully shot and another interesting fact is that Trier only uses music in the prologue and the epilogue, which you don't actually notice until the epilogue. But i think he's done the right thing in not using music through out the film as it makes it so much more intense.

I take back the "awful" statement, a brilliant piece (if not screwed up) piece of art-house film.

Fix up. Look sharp.

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