Thursday, 4 March 2010

Paris Fashion Week.

Two pieces caught my eye in the quick look over on the guardian website today...
First up is Devastee.
"French designers Francois Alary and Ophelie Klere are the forces behind the Devastee label, which is very popular in Japan. They are also known for their gothic vibe, somewhat offset in this case by the 80s librarian eyewear"

Loving the simple black and white of this piece with the full on pattern. 

Again keeping it simple and focusing on the pattern, with faces a big element in this design. Looking fresh and quirky. 
With a matching skirt!


Then something else caught my eye...Fish fins...

Luís Buchinho looks like he has been focusing on raw edges in this collection, I love his teaming up for thick strapped heels and leg cuffs that have a ruffle up them that appear quite "fish fin like" Really unique. 

Very cool. I wonder when i can get a pair of my own...

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