Thursday, 4 March 2010

The queuing etiquette.

So my computer decided to fall ill yesterday, and it came back from the doctors this morning. A bit better but it needs an extra memory i think. Hence why this is late, as it was all written up on Mac. Anyway..

Observing Humanity.

I absolutely love nothing more than sitting watching people, like most. It’s the whole “Big Brother” state of mind. And I mean that in the Orwell sense, not channel 4.
There is something so relaxing just watching people go about their everyday life. To imagine what they are thinking and how their life is going.
I decided to take my research to the bus stop as it’s something I do almost everyday, getting on a bus.
I have to say, I don’t have a problem with “public transport” (maybe just the price and how often it rises!).
So it started off just like any other time I wait to get on a bus, a couple and an old lady wait on the bus arriving and I walk in to the shelter to sit on the hard, cold metal benches that the council “provide”. I sometimes wonder if people have suffered from piles because of them…anyway! The couple scoot over a bit to let me sit down, leaving enough space for another person to sit in between, with ample room either side.
The old lady is sitting on a separate bench from us, with lots of room for about 4 more people to sit next to her.
I found myself thinking why I hadn’t sat next to the old lady. Yes the bench that the couple was sitting on was nearer to where I came in to the bus shelter, but also because I didn’t want to seem like I was “skipping” in front of them. Had I sat next to the old lady I would have let the couple on the bus before me, but only I knew that.
As I sat there contently listening to my music, while the couple sat and laughed and talked a few more people came in to the shelter, a woman with a pram and a group of 3 young girls in their early 20’s.
The lady with the pram came in to the shelter first, and moved down towards the old lady but stopped just before her. Instead of sitting down next to the lady she stood leaning against the back of the shelter with one hand on the pram.
The group of girls then stood at the back of the shelter, near where I was sitting. I had seen them before and thought to myself “Will they? Wont they?” They stood and laughed and talked. Maybe a bit too loud? They seemed quite boisterous too.
Eventually the bus came. Now for the good part!
Shockingly and expected the group of 3 girls watched the bus approach and sauntered on down to the front of the “queue”. I sat there in disbelief. Again, they did this. They have done it before in front of me and I feel it’s the height of bad manners. Considering there was 6(including the baby in the pram) to get on before them. Still no one said anything, though you could see the irritation on their faces. I was glad it wasn’t just me then!
Next the old lady got on, as expected. Then the lady with the pram. At first I didn’t think anything of it, then I thought “Wait a minute, there were 3 people waiting before.”
I know this sounds horribly mean and grumpy but I thought it just seemed a bit rude. The couple didn’t say anything but I could see what they were thinking.
I know I would have said for the lady to go on ahead if she had hesitated and I’m sure the couple would have too, least I hope so! But it was the way she just expected and took it for granted.
And so I got on after the couple, last. Even though I had been sitting (worried I would get piles) for a good 10 minutes before the bus arrived, before 4 people who got on the bus before me.
I must sound like a complete grump, but really I have no problem with letting someone else on before me, if I initiate it. It has a lot to do with manners and I really don’t think they should be taken lightly. Especially with complete strangers.
I have said it before and I stick by it, the British invented the queuing etiquette, therefore let it be used!
I might just say something next time!  

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